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What our guests say...

... about their week at the Walled Garden Cookery School:
wonderful, fantastic experience, memorable & entertaining, full of laughter, hot tips, additional recipes and spontaneous ideas, amazing, superb, excellent, lively, hardworking, informative, illuminating, inspiring, brilliant, hands on, full of practical advice, 5 star, lovely, v. comfortable

... about what they liked best
Loved the constant stream of wonderful tips. Kate was an excellent instructor, firm enough while being encouraging. John was an invaluable fund of gardening knowledge and love. I wanted to come for 5 days and felt the course exceeded expectations as far as the cooking was concerned. I wanted to learn as much as possible and that is what I have achieved. Beautiful setting, very comfortable house and lovely people. It didn't feel necessary to have reached a minimum entry level - I think we all felt we made progress from where we were.

... about their favourite recipes
I relished every recipe. Can honestly say I can't choose a favourite. I loved working the bread, learning how to taste food and adjust the taste. Grilled rump of lamb with asparagus & salsa verde, mackerel, sea bream, squid, Cornish pasties, focaccia bread. crab starter, aubergine with pomegranate seeds, crispy chicken thighs, lamb tagine

... that they thought you might like to know
The course exceeded my expectations by a long way and I would highly recommend it to friends. The teaching was extraordinary. Programme was fast and packed but I was here to learn which I have done and had a huge amount of fun at the same time. Kate has filled me with enthusiasm again. She made it so enjoyable, interesting and kept the pace up. I learnt something new with every recipe. The gardening tips from John were invaluable. Organisation was brilliant. The staff were fun, helpful and part of what felt to me like a well-oiled machine. Loved the personalised folders. Loved all the excursions. Loved the butcher demo. Very comfortable clean rooms & bathrooms.

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How it all began

Kate ran a trial cookery school at Elmore Court in Gloucestershire as part of the Channel 4 documentary Country House Rescue. Elmore is now a world class wedding venue!

Tresillian House

The house, gardens and grounds of Tresillian provide a beautiful setting for this break with a country house party atmosphere!

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